Fortnite Festival

    Festival Season 2: Unlock Your Talent

    Freak out, freak out, freak out, freak out! Fortnite Festival Season 2: Unlock Your Talent starts now with featured artist, Lady Gaga.

    Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass

    Mother Monster has arrived. Complete Festival Quests to unlock rewards from the Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass. Upgrade to the premium reward track for 1,800 V-Bucks to unlock additional rewards, including the Enigmatic Gaga Outfit!

    Ooze War Festival Quests

    Play the featured Jam Track, Streets Ignite, and complete the Ooze War Festival quests to unlock the Super Shredder guitar!

    New Jam Tracks

    Let the crowd roar. New Jam Tracks by Lady Gaga are here! 

    28.30 Update Notes

    A new season in Fortnite Festival means new seasonal Leaderboards! The Season Two leaderboards are yours to climb. We’ve captured your Season One scores and archived them, and plan to make them available to browse in a future update.  Players can now use Jam Loops in the Main Stage Backstage, within Creative and UEFN experiences, and in UEFN’s Patchwork. Deploying Overdrive no longer ends held sustain notes.  We’ve improved the usability of the Music Library within the Main Stage. Go take a look! We made updates to the placement and positioning when browsing Leaderboard high scores. We’ve made several Jam Track authoring improvements to the following tracks: OG Future Remix - Drums, Go with the Flow - Drums, Stitches - Lead, Zombie - Lead, Can't Feel My Face - Vocals, Suddenly I See - Lead

    LEGO Fortnite

    How To Fish

    Craft a Fishing Rod and seek out your favorite water-side spot to start fishing! Fish at fishing spots, or create your own with the Bait Bucket to increase your chances of getting a better fish. Visit each Biome and fish in different types of water to catch different fish.

    Compass and Spyglass
    New Items - Compass and Spyglass

    It can be easy to forget which way you’re going. Craft the Compass to add basic navigation to the HUD, telling you which direction you’re facing! Craft the Spyglass and then use your new tool to see distant views. Add Glass to your inventory to unlock the crafting recipe for the Compass and the Spyglass.

    Free Quest Pack
    True Explorers Quest Pack

    Put your survival skills to the test. Claim the free True Explorers Quest Pack in the Item Shop, then complete quests by playing LEGO Fortnite to unlock the Trailblazer Tai Outfit, complete with both Fortnite and LEGO styles!

    New Toy - Launch Pad

    Reach unexplored biomes, get a bird’s eye view and travel further and faster across your LEGO Fortnite worlds with the Launch Pad! Build a Launch Pad on the ground, jump on it, then deploy a Glider to start a soaring adventure. (You can craft a Glider with a Level 3 Crafting Bench.)

    Rocket Racing

    New Mode - Speed Run

    In Speed Run, you’ll race against the toughest opponent of all: the clock. Set lap time records and climb the Speed Run Season leaderboards or show your friends who’s fastest with the friends leaderboard!

    Earn XP in Rocket Racing

    Getting rewarded for racing? It’s a speed racer's dream come true. Complete Quests in Rocket Racing to earn XP and progress the Battle Pass!

    Big Bang Battle Pass

    You can now earn items for Battle Royale and LEGO Fortnite, a car for Rocket Racing, Jam Tracks for Fortnite Festival and more!


    Every racer deserves a champion ride. Dominate the track with the Diestro, available now!

    Drift for a Speed Boost

    Drift like you mean it. Take a tight turn to start drifting and charge up a speed boost. The longer the drift, the bigger the speed boost!

    Battle Royale

    Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground

    Join the Underground and take down The Society! Explore new biomes by train, locate vaults and customize your weapons at a Mod Bench and more.

    Mod Benches

    Customize your loadout at a Mod Bench. Mods will be available for many weapons in exchange for Bars. Add mods that reduce recoil, increase mag capacity and more! 

    Battle Royale

    The battle is building! Drop into the Battle Royale. Loot, build, explore and fight in a game of 100 players competing to be the last one standing.

    Salvar el Mundo

    Twine PeaksRepair the Shelter
    Pure Drop of Rain
    StonewoodRetrieve The Data
    Slice n' Dice
    PlankertonFight Category 2 Storm
    Lightning in a Bottle
    PlankertonRide The Lightning
    Husk Stomper
    PlankertonRepair the Shelter
    Room Sweeper
    Canny ValleyRide The Lightning