DON'T FALL-Everest - CHAPTER 5

    PEGI 124 dic 2023
    • deathrun
    • hardcore
    • difficulty: hard
    • objective

    In this deathrun, you will have to climb the highest mountain in the world! Watch out, the path is full of obstacles and traps. 😁

    Will you be able to reach the top of Everest without falling? Test your patience and skills in this epic and vertiginous course, but do not get distracted, because a false step could be fatal. 😨

    Take up the challenge and prove that you are the best climber in Fortnite! 🏔🦾

    By Inox 😈

    Recent add : You can now chose to use some OPTIONAL checkpoints!

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    Creado en UEFN
    Primer lanzamiento 10 nov 2023
    Moderate Violence
    DON'T FALL-Everest - CHAPTER 5

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