💥 ONE SHOT 🥇 Gun Game | PWR

    027 jun 2023XP
    • gun game
    • free for all
    • just for fun
    • minigame

    🌎 Battle on iconic POIs such as Dusty Depot, The Agency, and Cloudy Condos with your favorite weapons. Go on a rampage with one shot eliminations! 🔫
    🔥 Earn hot streaks by getting eliminations without dying and demote opponents with your sword to gain an advantage! 🗡️
    🏅 Complete achievements to earn medals to upgrade your sword. Be sure to complete your round quest for additional rewards! ✨

    💥 Get ONE SHOT eliminations
    🔫 Use your favorite weapons
    🗺️ Battle on iconic POIs with fun twists
    🗡️ Demote enemies with your sword
    🏅 Rank up from Bronze to Diamond
    🔥 Catch fire with hot streaks