🔥Trappers vs Runners🏃

    027 mar 2023
    • deathrun
    • just for fun
    • minigame
    • teams

    👋Welcome to Trappers vs Runners, a fast paced minigame for 32 players!
    🔥Trappers must prevent the Runners from reaching the end at all costs, there's 2 different lanes that activate different traps on the runners course!
    🏃Runners must dodge and make their way through all of the traps without being eliminated, you have 3 lives to reach the end, don't waste them!

    🏃‍♂️Trappers vs Runners
    💀25 Unique Traps
    🤝2 Separate Trapper Lanes
    ❤3 Lives for Runners
    😇Afterlife Activities
    🤣20 Players