🏝️ Micro Royale 🔫 Season 2

    🏝️ Micro Royale 🔫 Season 2

    548 jun 2023

    📍Drop in to this MICRO 20 Player Battle Royale!
    🏃 Slip Stream & Zip-line to safety!
    🐈 Meet Bangle the Cat at Campers Canyon! Pet the Cat to get free fish!
    🍌 Meet Peely at Cliffside Condos! Talk to Peely to get an Exotic Pistol!
    🦖 Meet Dino the Dinosaur! Pet the T-Rex to get Air strikes!
    🐶 Meet Dana the Dog at Freedom Farm! Pet the Dog to get free meat!

    • battle royale
    • practice
    • solo
    • pvp

    5 Micro POI's! The smallest BR You will ever Play! Last Person Standing Wins the Game! If you die within the first 120 seconds you get a 2nd chance at life. Make it count! The first Battle Royale Ever Created in UEFN that was not a Chapter 1 remake!