Double Agent!

    PEGI 1227 nov 2023
    • mystery
    • role playing
    • party game
    • just for fun

    A fan favorite from COD: Cold War has arrived.
    As operatives and investigators, work as a team to uncover Double Agents.
    As Double Agent, can you win against all odds?

    👤 Operatives: Survive and Eliminate Double Agents
    🔫 Double Agents: Detonate Bombs or Eliminate all Operatives
    🔍 Investigator: Investigate and Identify Double Agents

    — Reduced waiting time between rounds to start. Player now can spend more time playing.
    — Updated loot pool for better variety

    XP No
    Creado en UEFN
    Primer lanzamiento 11 nov 2023
    Moderate Violence