Lucky Box Battles🎁
    Himbo House

    Lucky Box Battles🎁

    1585 may 2023

    Upgrade and Unlock Weapons by Opening Lucky Boxes and Buying Upgrades To Attack Your Enemies With in the Arena
    🎁 Lucky Boxes
    💵 Generators
    🧟‍♂️ Mobs
    🔥 12-Player Free for All
    💪🏼 Power-Ups
    🏆 Level Progression
    🔫 All Weapons Available

    • free for all
    • competitive
    • arena
    • battle

    Remember to Pickup Power-Ups To Get an Advantage on Your Opponents Respawning Is a Good Way To Upgrade Your Loadout So Don’t Try To Survive Too Long Upgrade Your Generators To Make Lots of Money