DrEurope's Fashion Show ✨ (Streamer Map)

    DrEurope's Fashion Show ✨ (Streamer Map)

    -131 may 2023

    DrEurope's Fashion Show (Streamer map) | Host & play a 3-round Fashion Show on the modern catwalk located around the city. Players who are out will spawn once again and are able to enjoy the city with others while the Show is going on (2 total spawns). | Find me on Twitter (DrEuropa4) & Youtube (@DrEurope).

    😍 *NEW* DrEurope's Party Royale map | 4194-1982-6202 | Same Island, more fun! 🥳💃

    • fashion
    • just for fun
    • minigame

    Map for DrEurope's Fashion Shows ✨ 3 Rounds 🥳 Find me on Youtube 💖