🌈Boss Wars: Zonewars (4 in 1) - 4v4v4v4

    🌈Boss Wars: Zonewars (4 in 1) - 4v4v4v4

    21 jun 2023

    Boss Wars is a custom Zone Wars experience with a special golden twist, made in UEFN (Creative 2.0)

    🗺️ 4 Maps in 1
    👑 4v4v4v4 Zone wars
    🎒 Legendary loot & ALL WEAPONS
    🦙 Golden LLAMAS!
    🔥 Lucky Block Chest at Spawn
    🏆 Challenge Classes: One shot, Slowness, OG

    Be the first to break the golden llama and get a massive bonus for your team.
    Choose your boss and work as a team to win the zone wars round!

    • zonewars
    • practice
    • pvp
    • competitive

    Practice your building and combat skills in one of four available biomes. Vote for your favourite map at the beginning of each round. Be the first to break the golden llama in the middle and get a massive combat bonus for your team. The last team standing wins the zone wars round. Follow us on Twitter @BossWars_UEFN or join the official Boss Wars Discord using this invite code: XxFtNCvWSA