Infinite Zonewars ∞ 2.0

    PEGI 125 dic 2023
    • practice
    • zonewars
    • pvp
    • competitive

    Jump into Infinite Zonewars 2.0, a realistic, never-ending Zonewars island where battle royale meets free-for-all frenzy. PVP fanatics will love the relentless storm that keeps you on your toes. Elimination is no issue! Respawn right back into the action! Practice skills on a fresh canvas courtesy of the innovative Build ROOMBA, obliterating previous builds. You choose your weaponry, offering variants with every respawn. To explore new loot, glide to center rings post-respawn. GOOD LUCK!

    Creado en UEFN
    Primer lanzamiento 11 nov 2023
    Moderate Violence