Loadout Swap FFA

    Loadout Swap FFA

    3227 may 2023

    Made in UEFN

    Eliminate 45 enemies to win the round! Strategic random loadouts every minute so be smart & pay attention to what's in your inventory. 25 health is granted per elimination to stay in the fight & A Speed boost is granted on elimination! But once you are eliminated, you are back to default speed.

    Under BETA — Future improvements will be implemented including environment textures, foliage & atmosphere. New game modes coming in the future!

    Feedback is appreciated.

    • party game
    • practice
    • just for fun
    • competitive

    Spawn in with a random loadout. Find & eliminate the enemy! Keep an eye on your inventory as it will change every minute! Speed boost per elim but restarts on being eliminated! Eliminate 45 enemies & Win the ROUND!