Crank Simulator - OG

    025 jul 2023XP
    • building
    • competitive
    • practice
    • training

    Step onto the island, choose your build speed with the new selector, and start crafting your masterpiece.
    Navigate to 'Customize Your Sky', select your desired background, then equip your Glows and Outlines for a unique build experience.
    Keep an eye on your progress and level up by checking your achievements on the challenge board regularly.

    Welcome to Crank Simulator, THE go-to spot for Building, Competitive, and Training fun! Loved by the world's TOP pros, this Free Build map takes Practice to the next level. You can't reach max height, and mats auto-clear for a fresh start each time. Exciting, right? Personalize YOUR SKY with dynamic backgrounds, equip flashy Glows and Outlines for a unique vibe! Want to control your build speed? We've got you! Our new speed selector lets you slow down or speed up at will. START CRANKING!