🐠The Fishy Mansion LTM | HIDING GAME 👀
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    🐠The Fishy Mansion LTM | HIDING GAME 👀

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    🐠The Fishy Mansion LTM🐠
    👀HIDING GAME!!!!!👀
    🔥80+ INSANE NEW SPOTS!!🔥
    🐰🥚SPRING UPDATE!!!🐣🌼
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    • just for fun
    • minigame
    • party game
    • hide & seek

    2-16 Players | Upon game start, one player is randomly chosen to be the initial hunter. After 30 seconds, the hunter is released Each eliminated player (SURVIVORS) changes to the opposing team (HUNTERS) until no survivors remain. If the survivors live the time limit, they win! Be on the lookout for objects you can walk through & hide inside! There are over 40 SNEAKY SPOTS! Feel free to accept me as your supported creator! :)